The Grand Manhattan

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Owners of The Grand Manhattan have all permission to portray themselves through living space by deciding on the design plan and layout of the space. Customizable Bespoke style will help owners express their creative personality, personal imprint, and fulfilling living experiences.


Owners will enjoy life on the top with high-class living spaces. Modern design mixed with classic art full of aesthetics, and luxurious interior amenities bring privacy and comfort to the living space.

Grand Suite

Enjoy a cozy and luxurious space with your family at the 3-bedroom product of The Grand Manhattan. With spacious premises, a unique layout, and modern equipment, owners will experience life in the most wonderful way.


As products with a large area, Signature is suitable for owners who prefer open living space, and also meets the needs of families. The wide open spaces, luxurious design and the view embracing District 1 from above are unique and exciting experiences that can only be captured by owners.


The Grand Manhattan proudly offers one-of-a-kind Shophouses limited to just 38 products. Located in the center of District 1 and having long-term ownership are values that differentiate these shophouses from others. In addition, this is where high-class culinary and healthcare brands from the NovaGroup gather, exclusive for future elite owners.